Bespoke fire doors

Loughnanes Joinery celebrates a fusion of traditional values with contemporary innovation, delivering fire doors of premier craftsmanship that fit seamlessly within their environment and meet rigorous international fire safety standards.

Loughnanes Joinery is proud to have supplied fire doors, fire screens, wall panels and acoustic panels to historic hotels, manors, educational institutions and cultural and religious buildings.

Fire Doors
Fire Doors
Fire Doors
Fire Doors

Flush & Bespoke Doors

  • Veneered doors, laminated doors (formica fire doors), paint grade, or Encapsulated fire doors
  • Doors supplied with hardwood lipping
  • A variety of designs and vision panels available
  • Doors can be supplied raw, primed or fully finished
  • FD30, FD60 FD90, and FD120 Fire Door options
  • Mobility Door Widths Available

We can also offer our clients a bespoke fire door. We can work with Fire Consultants to obtain fire certification for site-specific bespoke fire doors. A site-specific cert is required where a proposed door design is outside the limits tested under a Global Assessment.

Steel Door Sets:

  • FD30 & FD60
  • Choice of RAL Colours
  • Encapsulation of Fire Doors
  • Long lasting and durable
Paint grade doors
veneered doors
laminate doors

Fire door glazing configurations

Two types of glazing bead are offered as standard:-

  • Hockey stick vision panel bead
  • Flush vision panel bead

These can both be used with a variety of designs in order to meet specific fire ratings and aperture shapes and sizes

Glazing Types

  • Integrity Only
  • Integrity & Insulation
  • Acoustic
  • Opaque


Loughnanes Joinery offer additional services which can save installation costs on site;

  • Hinges
  • Locks
  • Concealed Door Closers
  • Dropdown Seals
  • Factory Hung Door Sets
Lead lined doors
Acoustic doors

Extended Performance

Loughnanes Joinery extended performance doors include, lead-lined doors, for use as radiation barriers in X-ray departments, and acoustic doors, for use in sound studios, libraries and hospitals. Vision panels and acoustic panelling can also be matched to suit architects’ requirements, helping to achieve specified decibel and acoustic ratings.

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