Curved doors in a kitchen are functional while also bringing additional aesthetics to a kitchen. Loughnanes Joinery can manufacture curved doors with flat panel or curved doors with a raised panel.

We have set templates for our curved doors. However, we can also offer non-standard size or tall curved doors.

Our curved doors are available in a variety of woods and colours. They are available as a curved lay on door, curved inframe door or a curved sink door. We also offer true curved doors where the styles of the doors also form part of a curve.

Please view a sample of our curved doors and accessories below, or to view our full range please view our Brochure Catalogue.

Curved Doors


Solid Pippy Oak

Small External Convex Door


Solid Pippy Oak

Small External Convex Door

Commonly Used Accessories

Below is a sample of our standard curved cornice, but we can offer any radius to suit customer needs.

M101 & M121

Big External Convex Cornice

Big External Convex Notching

M102 & M122

Big Inframe Convex Cornice

Big Inframe Convex Notching

M103 & M123

Small External Convex Cornice

Small External Convex Notching

M104 & M124

Small Inframe Convex Cornice

Small Inframe Convex Notching

M142 & M132

Big Inframe Concave Cornice

Big Inframe Concave Notching

Door Templates

To view curved door templates please view or download our online brochure

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