Loughnanes Joinery extended performance range takes fully engineered flush doorsets to the highest specified performance levels while also offering the bespoke option to choose styles, finishes and colours.We also manufacture high performance doors for specialist projects. Such as, lead lined doors for use as radiation barriers in x-ray departments. These doors incorporate lead sheeting in a range of thickness and this protection extends through the door frame, forming a protective barrier to radiation in all directions. We have completed many fire doors and lead lined doors for the medical industry.

We also provide acoustic doors for a number of industries, such as sound studios, libraries, hospitals, etc. To ensure working conditions are at an acceptable noise level for the environment, acoustic rating door construction plays a pivotal role. We can produce door sets of up to 42dB ratings.

We can provide Encapsulated Fire doors for hospitals or clean rooms or for any room where hygiene is important.

Please contact a member of our team to find out more about our extended performance services.

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