Loughnanes Joinery are committed to achieving the standards set in place for fire door regulations. Our business’ reputation and our product quality are important to us and we want to achieve the necessary certificates and training required to provide the best possible service for our customers.

Loughnanes Joinery meet the requirements of the Exova BM TRADA Q-Mark Fire Doors Manufacture scheme to STD 006 083 – Issue 2 – 11/07/2014. This means we have the right frameworks in place to manage efficiency, quality, consistency and risk.

Loughnanes Joinery have also acquired the IFC certification. This means that our business provides the confidence to our customers that our products have been thoroughly and independently evaluated and will continue to be manufactured to the same specification as originally tested.

We make sure all of our employees go through all the necessary training required for manufacturing fire doors and they attend the fire doors explained course through EXOVA BMT. The CPD certified seminar and fire test demonstration day is designed to provide an overview of fire door design, manufacture, testing, installation and certification.

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