At Loughnanes Joinery we have supplied fire doors to many commercial, medical, educational, hospitality and residential industries. We work closely with architects, engineers and developers to design and manufacture exactly to our client’s requirements. Our fire door sets can be pre-assembled in their frame.

As part of regulation, Loughnanes Joinery have our fire doors tested by subjecting them to a test procedure as specified in BS 476-22:1987 or BS EN 1634-1:2014. The testing procedure is carried out on complete fire door sets, for example, the fire door and the fire door frame with all of its ironmongery.

The doors are subjected to heat conditions anticipated in a fire while it is observed for stability and integrity. A doorset may be called fire resisting if the complete design has been subjected to a full scale fire resistance test to one of the current test standards for non-loadbearing elements: BS 476: Part 22: 1987 or BS EN 1634 -1: 2008 It is important to understand that the test standards are a measure of performance, they do not detail constructional requirements and there is no such thing as a blue print for a fire door.

Our fire door tests are carried out at Chiltern International Fire, which is an accredited laboratory, who provide a written assessment by a qualified fire consultant. Loughnanes Joinery have their doors tested as a Global assessment meaning:

  • They provide a definite range of cover for the doorset
  • They avoid the need to re-test for minor changes
  • They provide confidence that the manufacturer is maximising their test data

Loughnanes Firedoor Process

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