Medical facilities can demand highly specific technical requirements for fire doors. These requirements can include, fire resistance, smoke control, X-ray shielding, sound reduction and security.

A fire door in a hospital is a critical safety feature of the building, preventing the spread of fire and smoke throughout the building and giving patients time to escape a building on time. In the case of a hospital building, creating as much time as possible is extremely important, as there will be occupants with limited mobility. Rather than looking at a FD30, considered for a domestic building, a healthcare building would require a higher-grade fire door like an FD90 or FD120.

Healthcare doors need to be durable and sturdy, with a huge amount of footfall going through them every day. Loughnanes Joinery have manufactured top quality fire doors to the healthcare service industry, this certified fire doors, lead lined doors and acoustic doors. We have completed many projects for the healthcare industry. Please view our portfolio to find out more about our experience in this area.


Loughnanes Joinery have completed many internal bespoke fire doors and external fire doors for the commercial industry, from shop fronts to office buildings. All of our doors are offered in a wide range of veneers, paint grade or flush doors. Loughnanes Joinery fire doors are subjected to rigorous testing before being delivered to the customer to ensure a high standard of quality control, safety and customer satisfaction.

Loughnanes Joinery have completed many projects for the commercial industry in both Ireland and the UK. Please view our project portfolio to learn more about the work we have completed for our customers.


Fire doors for educational buildings include, nurseries, primary and secondary schools, colleges and universities. Schools are required to undertake risk assessments to identify the general fire precautions needed to safeguard the safety of occupants in case of fire. Under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (RRO) fire legislation has become simplified.

Good management of fire safety in your premises is essential to ensure that any fire safety matters that arise are always effectively addressed. In small premises this can be achieved by a teacher responsible for maintaining and planning fire safety in conjunction with general health and safety.

Loughnanes Joinery have completed fire door project for many customers in Ireland and the UK. Please view our portfolio to find out more about our experience in this area.


Fire doors are a legal requirement in almost all commercial buildings, most accommodation premises – including blocks of flats, sheltered accommodation, houses of multiple occupancy, etc.

Loughnanes Joinery understand that not every home uses standard measurements and so we have introduced this bespoke fire door service. If the customer is looking for a particular sized door or needs a fire door upgrade, we can provide this service to fulfil the customers requirements.

Not only can your fire door save time in the event of a fire, but it can also look aesthetically pleasing and blend in with the architecture of the rest of your home. Loughnanes Joinery can provide an external and internal fire door service.


We have completed projects in a number of prestigious hotels in Ireland and the UK, including Adare Manor, Ashford Castle and Kylemore abbey and The Rubens at the Palace in the UK. It is the responsibility of respective person to make sure there are measures in place that adequately manage the risk of fire.

Loughnanes Joinery can manufacture bespoke fire doors the hospitality industry, along with being durable, and safe, your fire doors can also be aesthetically pleasing to blend in with its environment. Please view our portfolio to find out more about our experience in this area.

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